Parish Church of Saint Stephen

Parish Church of Saint Stephen

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First dedicated to the Saints Faustino and Jovita, as shown by the pastoral visit in 1566, the church was then dedicated to Saint Stephen. The current building presents an important baroque facade, and dates back to 1744. Its interior is a small treasure chest. The paintings often represent saints linked to the tradition of Mantua and come from various monasteries in the area. What is most striking is certainly the beautiful carvings of the valuable pulpit, where the male figure seems to hold up with some effort the preacher on his shoulders. Entering this place you cannot but be fascinated by the elegance and craftsmanship expressed by two wooden altars, carved and gilded by the Compagnia del Sacramento and the Compagnia del Rosario that face one another just before the high altar. It is worth of mention a small sculpture in Ghiberti style preserved in the niche of the first altar to the right.

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