Sanctuary of the Madonna del Dosso

Sanctuary of the Madonna del Dosso

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According to legend, near the place where now stands the sanctuary, there was a problem with the furnace for firing bricks: due to the high temperature the blocks of clay easily broke.


As the strange phenomenon kept repeating, the workers started to devote themselves to the image of Our Lady kept in a small chapel nearby. Thanks to the fervent prayers of the entire community, the furnace went back to properly firing the bricks and the painting became the subject of a renewed reverence by a growing number of people.


Soon after, the painting was moved into the parish church. After this episode, the community decided to build a suitable place to protect the painting. A mound was built and on top of it the church. The oldest document mentioning the sanctuary dates back to 1556. In 1780 started the the intervention works to rebuild the church.

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