THE ESTATE of Sant’Apollonio

THE ESTATE of Sant’Apollonio

Type: Parks and green areas

The garden park of 70.000 square meters, provided with a didactic trail, is cultivated forest-like with native vegetation of the Po zone, with a damp area where you can observe birds, mammals, insects, amphibians and reptiles. There is also an orchard with old varieties of fruit trees, a rose garden with English, Chinese and berry roses and a medicinal plants garden. The estate also houses an ethnological museum dedicated to Brazilian Indians Krahô and indigenous people Kanaka of Papua New Guinea, a naturalist library and a multimedia hall for research on nature, flora and fauna.
It is located just 1.5 km from the centre of Castel Goffredo, and is open from April to October.

Open from April to October. Guided Tour.
To book: tel 0376 781314, fax 0376 772672
Cost: € 13.00 (in favor of the international solidarity project Fondazione Senza Frontiere – NPO)

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Tel: +39 0376 781218

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