The Treasure of St. Erasmus’ Church

The Treasure of St. Erasmus’ Church

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The church, rich itself with works of art, is home to the Treasure of St. Erasmus, anticipation and prefiguration of the future Corsini Tosani Museum, the heart of the cultural centre MAST- Castel Goffredo.
The Treasury collects some of the most valuable works related to the history, liturgy and devotion of the community of Castel Goffredo and describes the evolution of faith and art from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. You can admire, among many works, some fifteenth-century wooden sculptures in Mantegna style, the Giovanni Bartolomeo Corsini’s illuminated manuscripts, the stunning reliquaries donated by the Duke of Mantua Vincenzo I Gonzaga and precious silver artifacts of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, along with those commissioned in the eighteenth century to Giovanni Bellavite, the most important silversmith in Mantua at that time.

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