Medole was already inhabited in Roman times, as shown by several plaques found in the area around town. In a document dated 841, Medole was mentioned as vicus under the Bishop of Brescia. In 1020 it is mentioned instead as castrum Medolae. During the late Middle Ages, Brescia, the Visconti and the Scaligeri dominated one after the other until the year 1404 when Medole, and other neighboring territories, joined the state of Mantua, where it remained until 1602. In that year, it passed into the Principality of Castiglione delle Stiviere, along with the Rocca di Solferino, in exchange for Castel Goffredo, given by the Emperor Rudolph to the Duke of Mantua. On this occasion, the Augustinian Monastery of the Annunciation became part of the Medole territory. From that moment on, Medole followed the history of Castiglione. Passed to the Austrians, its territory lived the terrible Battle of Solferino and San Martino in 1859. Annexed to the Kingdom of Italy, it followed its shifts until 1946, when the Republican Era began.

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