Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Medole

Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Medole

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The Romanesque church in Medole dates back to the tenth century. It has one nave and a gabled roof, and it terminates in a semicircular apse attached to the bell tower, crowned by elegant double lancet windows. The walls are made of exposed stones, bricks and pebbles, irregularly arranged. At the point of junction with the roof, they end in the characteristic brick arches, typical of the Lombard Romanesque style.
Inside, the work of removal of the baroque structures undertaken in the 1900s, led to recover the frescoes, probably dating to the first half of the fifteenth century.
These impressive and well preserved frescoes develop on three different sections: the first on the apse is the Christ Pantocrator in mandorla, surrounded by the symbols of the evangelists and two saints. Just below there is a row of saints, while in the lower part you can still see the tops of two panels depicting two Enthroned Madonnas with Child and a Crucifixion.

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