In the area around Guidizzolo there were several prehistoric settlements, especially during the Bronze Age. The most extensive is the one of Dossodaione. The Roman presence is testified by various roman findings, as well as an ancient and rare clay calendar found in this territory. Located between Mantua and Brescia, Guidizzolo was contested for several years between the Lords of Mantua and Brescia, as shown by the Peace Treaty signed here on 24 August, 1216, called Guidizzolo Peace Treaty.
The town was subject to the Gonzaga influence, following the fortunes of the Duchy of Mantua, and then suffered the Habsburg occupation. Guidizzolo and its hamlet of Rebecco were directly involved in the bloody Battle of Solferino and San Martino in 1859 and in the following war. Joint to the State of Sardinia, it returned in the Province of Mantua in 1866, after the War of Independence.

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