Civica raccolta d’arte – Torre Gonzaghesca

Civica raccolta d’arte – Torre Gonzaghesca

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The Civica Raccolta d’Arte is located inside the Torre Gonzaghesca (Gonzaga’s tower), wich represents the last witness of the ancient Castrum Medulae, in the historic center of Medole. The Collection gathers contemporary art works and has a very dynamic exhibition activity. It was established in the late seventies of the last century by some art enthusiasts working with the Pro Loco Medole Association. They treasured the tradition of close relationship with art kept alive over time by local artists, or close to Medole: excellent examples of this legacy are the Pesenti and Chiaristi from Mantua and Milan, like Umberto Lilloni, whose father was from Medole. The voluntary Pro Loco association, in 1995, gave the artworks acquired over time to the Town of Medole, for preservation, continuity and accessibility to all. The Civic Collection houses paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures, mostly of artists from the Mantua provence. There are, however, also other representatives, from the early twentieth century to the present day, that become witnesses of the most significant stylistic currents. The permanent collection includes works of recognized masters such as Vindizio Nodari Pesenti, Carlo Zanfrognini, Alfonso Monfardini, Guido Resmi, Arturo Raffaldini, Giulio Perina, Giuseppe Lucchini, Aldo and Paride Falchi, Albano Seguri, Alessandro Dal Prato, Arturo Cavicchini, Oreste Marini, Carlo Malerba and more. Besides these authors is to note the significant presence of female painters as Mimi Quilici Buzzacchi or Nene Nodari.
The building is a rare example of “shielded” tower (with three walled sides and a fourth open side). It has been revised several times, and has now a graceful eighteenth century forepart and an area hosting art exhibitions and cultural events. The museum activity, in fact, stands out for its ongoing commitment to present the public with contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events.

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