Church of Santa Maria del Lago

Church of Santa Maria del Lago

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In 1569 the city council of Asola resolved to erect a church dedicated to Santa Maria, in the district “del Lago” – of the Lake, where already was a much venerated aedicula, called Santa Maria de’ Fezoli. The work was completed in 1585.
The Renaissance facade has Tuscan pilasters and niches and is topped by a tympanum and two small side obelisks. During the nineteenth century, it had been heavily altered but, in 1991 it was restored to its original lines.

A single vaulted nave with three small side chapels and a rectangular presbytery characterizes the interior. It has been partially preserved under an exuberant stucco and fresco late Baroque decoration. Here in the church was established a partnership dedicated to the SS. Trinity and the Saints Ambrogio and Carlo Borromeo, known as school of Disciplini Rossi (Red Disciplinarians), as shown even by the furniture and the works of art housed here. It has to be noticed the second chapel on the right, depicting St. Ambrogio in prayer before the Virgin and, in the first chapel on the left, the Trinity adored by Saints Ambrogio and Carlo Borromeo. Here we can also see the marble frontal, with the carved image of two disciplinarians in prayer.

The restoration of this place is one of the great actions of protection and promotion of cultural heritage that Fondazione Cariplo  is supporting by funding the Terre dell’Alto Mantovano project.

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