Goffredo Bellini Civic Museum

Goffredo Bellini Civic Museum

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The museum was established in the early twenties of the twentieth century and it is currently in the original Monte dei Pegni palace. It houses the great collection of Goffredo Bellini, researcher and local history scholar. During his lifetime, he gathered archaeological findings and war memorabilia, graphic works and paintings, old books, documents, autographs and sacred art objects, creating a real collection that Bellini himself divided by themes and that the current exhibition evokes in its rooms.
A wing of the building displays the collection of sacred and liturgical objects from the G.B. Tosio Parish Museum.
The Goffredo Bellini Civic Museum adheres to the Sistema dei Musei Mantovani and to the Network of Archaeological Museums in the provinces of Brescia, Cremona and Mantua –MANET.

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