Guidizzolo historic centre

Guidizzolo historic centre

Type: Historic Places

If you tried to identify a town with a single architectural element, in Guidizzolo would certainly be the Civic Tower. The building overlooks Piazzale Marconi and is just a few steps away from the Town Hall. It has been recently built (1911) and it likely replaces a building set in a medieval fortification, as Guidizzolo has always been the border territory between Mantua and Brescia. The town developed more in its streets than around Piazzale Marconi. Even today, in ordinary language, andare in piazza (literally: to go to the square) means going in Via Vittorio Veneto where are the shops, the former theater and the important buildings.

Excellence of Guidizzolo is the Alessandro Dal Prato High School of Art which has trained craftsmen, artists and restorers. You can notice this attention for art and creativity simply by strolling around the streets: on many facades of the buildings, in fact, stand out colourful murals, promoted by the “NonSoloArte Franco Bombana” Foundation, which makes Guidizzolo a painted town.

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