Giuseppe Acerbi Literary Award

Giuseppe Acerbi Literary Award

Period: March, July, November
Type: Special Events

XXIII Edition – Literature of Chinese immigration in Italy
In Castel Goffredo it has been established a literary award in honor of Giuseppe Acerbi, to bring people to reading and literature. Giuseppe Acerbi was an intellectual with an avant-garde, international and pluralistic vision of culture, who explored unknown worlds and ranged in various branches of human knowledge.
The Award aims to broaden and stimulate the knowledge of readers, facilitating dialogue and mutual respect for different cultural and economic realities. It also wants to convey the works of national and international lesser known writers, but of great artistic and scientific value, and thereby create a network of relationships to promote an exchange between Castel Goffredo and the Province of Mantua with different nations, one by one protagonists of the Award.
On saturday 7 March, in the Town Hall, was held the presentation of the finalist works and writers to the Jury. On Saturday 4 July there will be the voting and the proclamation of the winner and on saturday 7 November the ceremony for the Award winning author.


2014 – XXII Edition Literature of China: Yu Hua, with the novel “Vivere”, was proclaimed the winner author of this edition. The writer was in Castel Goffredo on saturday 8 November at the Award Ceremony.

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