Parish Church of S. Michele Arcangelo

Parish Church of S. Michele Arcangelo

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Overlooking the valley of the Mincio, the parish church of San Michele Arcangelo was built over an erlier temple between 1743 and 1777. Realized in the late Baroque style, with a wavy pattern with marked vertical elements, the facade is composed of two overlapping orders of pilasters culminating in a central gable on which stands the statue of San Michele, patron of the church. In the other niches stand on the right St. Paul, St. Valentine and St. Aloysius, whilst on the left St. Joseph, St. John of Nepomuk and St. Peter.

You enter the churc through a neoclassical portal made in the white stone of Verona. Inside there is a single nave, with large side chapels and their secondary altars, decorated with statues representing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Noteworthy are certainly the altar frontals of the Immaculate Conception (second chapel on the left) and the one on the High Altar made using the technique of marble inlay, juxtaposing pieces of marble or semiprecious stones following a drawing. Stunningly beautiful is the High altar frontal, with floral elements like leaves, roses, carnations, daffodils, tulips, pearls and fruits, and fauna like birds and dragonflies, made with the richest materials (mother of pearl, lapislazuli and the most valuable marbles).

The restoration of this church is one of the great works of protection and enhancement of cultural heritage that Cariplo Foundation is supporting through funding the Terre dell’Alto Mantovano project.

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