Il Carnevale del Capunsèl

Il Carnevale del Capunsèl

Period: January, February, March
Type: Flavour festivals, Special Events

Due to bad weather, Il Carnevale del Capunsèl has been postponed on Saturday 14 March 2015, at 7.30 pm.

The Carnevale del Capunsèl is definitely one of the oldest carnivals in the province of Mantua. Its traditional mask is Pupà del Capunsèl – the Capunsèl’s dad: a man carrying on his scepter the typical bread dumplings. Along with Re del Gnoc from Verona, he gets the beautiful night parade started!
Walking groups and allegorical floats pass through the streets of the town in a joyful and friendly atmosphere. The massive bright mechanisms and the colorful masks come together in a wonderful outdoor party, involving both adults and children! Throughout the event the typical dish, capunsei, is served, accompanied by mulled wine, tea and tempting sausage sandwiches.


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