Great Feast of Tortello Amaro

Great Feast of Tortello Amaro

Period: June
Type: Flavour festivals

Only a few women of the town knew the original Tortello Amaro recipe and jealously kept it secret, passing it down from mother to daughter.


This secret has been enchanting even the most suspicious palates for eighteen years, during the Great Feast of Tortello Amaro di Castel Goffredo. People from all over Italy come to try this unique dish, seductive with its scent of Erba Amara. A few years ago, all the secrets of this herb were enclosed in the book Il Gioco dell’Erba Amara. The 4000 copies quickly sold out, consecrating this book as a sort of best seller for this type of publishing. The second edition is now available.


Every year, on the third weekend of June at Parco La Fontanella is held the Great Feast of Tortello Amaro: four days where the traditional dish of Castel Goffredo and other local gastronomic specialties are served.


Next edition: 18, 19, 20 and 21 June 2015.

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