Castle of Monzambano

Castle of Monzambano

Type: Palaces and Castles

The Castle is an ancient fortress dating back to the eleventh century that maintains intact the original plan, as well as some medieval buildings and defensive structures, including towers and defense perimeter walls with Guelph merlons. Inside the walls, there is the church of San Biagio.
The Castle was probably built by Matilda of Canossa to defend the population against the barbarian invasions of the eleventh century. In the early thirteenth century it became property of the Scaligeri family who defeated Mantua in Ponte Molino. In 1391 it was acquired by the Viscontis. In 1495 the Republic of Venice settled in Monzambano and the castle remained under their domains until the end of the eighteenth century. In the Napoleonic era, the town went back again under Mantua.

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