Castiglione delle Stiviere historic centre

Castiglione delle Stiviere historic centre

Type: Historic Places

The urban system of Castiglione reveals its former function of castrum, on which the town has settled in the Middle Ages. The heart of the town is represented by Piazza San Luigi Gonzaga. All around this square you can recognize the most significant places of Castiglione at the time of the Gonzagas. For instance, you can see what remains of the castle in which Aloysius Gonzaga, saint patron of youth and students, was born. Overlooking the square, there is also the church dedicated to him, that preserves his relics on the High Altar. The current town hall, just alongside the church, recalls the Jesuit monastery, where St. Aloysius studied, and that turned Castiglione into an important centre of art and culture.Not far away, you can find the College of the Virgins and the St. Aloysius Museum, two other prestigious institutions in the name of the saint.
Another feature of the town is the abundance of fountains that seem to accompny those who stroll about the city. Today there are 20.

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