Per Corti e Cascine

Per Corti e Cascine

Period: May
Type: Sports and Nature

Per corti e cascine has been the festival of changing agriculture for years. It is a far-reaching initiative, organized and promoted by Consorzio Agrituristico Mantovano, always eagerly awaited by visitors who want to tour our countryside. This event aims to bring together agricultural producers and consumers, in an itinerant journey to discover authentic flavors and landscape treasures that the country has to offer.

Sunday 17 May from 9 am to 7.30 pm, you can choose among 6 tours (the wine and olive oil route among the moraine hills; in the lands of the River Mincio; the City Farm; the way of the rice; the Mantuan Oltrepò; water lands) and 60 participating farms. You can visit honey farms, dairies, wineries with tasting and sale of wines, farms with medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plants, production of mustards and beers, ostrich, llama, donkey, goat and snail farms, biodynamic cultivation and old varieties of fruit and vegetables. You can take short walks, ride horses, as well as taking part in treasure hunts, typical games and demonstrations of ancient crafts.

The guide map with the routes of the day and the participating farms is available in the offices of the Consorzio agrituristico mantovano in no. 8, Strada Chiesanuova, in Mantua, in the IAT office in Mantua, Sabbioneta, San Benedetto Po, to the entire network of farm markets or it can be downloaded from the website

Download the complete brochure here

This year, the guide map also provides a guide of rural museums, belonging to the circuit of Per Corti e Cascine that will allow the visit of these memories of rural life, such as the Museo del Salam casalìn di Corte Valle San Martino (Moglia), the Museum of onion in Sermide, at Court Gardinala (Sermide), the Museo delle Erbe Vive in Corte Nigella (Felonica) and the collection of old varieties of melons kept by the agricultural company Longhi (Ostiglia).
The successful initiative “Selfie in the farm” continues in collaboration with Radiobruno! Sunday 17 May, take a selfie with one of the farm animals and post it on the Radio Bruno Facebook page (! The most original will win a dinner for two in one of the best farmhouse restaurants in Mantua!

As always, the event will take place also in bad weather.

For further information: Consorzio Agrituristico Mantovano 0376 324889, 320 7122133,
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