Mostra Nazionale dei Vini Passiti e da Meditazione

Mostra Nazionale dei Vini Passiti e da Meditazione

Type: Flavour festivals

The scent of a good wine often brings us back to old feelings, pleasures, memories related to us and to the earth traditions. Learning to recognize and enjoy our wines is becoming, year after year, part of our cultural heritage.

The Mostra Nazionale dei Vini Passiti e da Meditazione (Dessert Wines National Exhibition) is held from 1 to 3 May (see program) aims to guide the wine lovers in a sensory journey to discover the properties of wines with unexpected and surprising combinations, ranging from cheese to chocolate. The journey begins among the scents and flavors of the tasting table, where expert sommeliers will explain the different types of national and international excellences. Every year, in fact, a new foreign sweet wine comes along with local excellence, true heart of the exhibition.

During the event, you can also enjoy fascinating guided tours through the rooms of the Palace, the towers and along the ancient walls surrounding Volta Mantovana. The three gardens of the palace are open to visitors for walking, relaxing and pleasant breaks between tastings.

Wines and products are available in the market, next to the exhibition.

Admission: € 5,00. During the event, local restaurants offer a discounted menu at € 25,00.

Info and reservations on, for any questions write to or call us at 0376-839431.

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