Great Feast of Capunsèl

Great Feast of Capunsèl

Period: July
Type: Flavour festivals

Tasting the traditional dishes of the place you are visiting is the most direct end genuine way to get to know its people.

During the first weekend of July, in Solferino is held the Great Feast of Capunsèl, where you can try a very unique type of bread dumpling. The recipe seems to date back to ancient times, when they used to combine sweet with salty flavours. The mixture to make capunsei is in fact enriched with amaretti, giving the dish a very special flavor that makes it among the most beloved in the mantuan cuisine.

You are all invited from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 July to try our special dish!


Capunsei will also be accompanied by other dishes like mixed grill, cheese and desserts. During the event entertainment and music will make your time with us even more enjoyable!The Capunsèl di Solferino entered the traditional food products of the region of Lombardy in 2006.


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