Feeling well in Volta

Feeling well in Volta

Period: November
Type: Flavour festivals

The fragrance of freshly baked pastries, chestnuts that browns on the stove, sparkling wines, the cozy warmth of winter that gathers fruits to enjoy on the weekend of 14 and 15 November 2015 at Feeling well in Volta, an event that for years has been warming the cold November afternoons in Volta Mantovana.


Every year the typical products are there: the bubbles of sparkling Italian wines, fine extra-virgin oils, craft beers, fresh pasta and local products.

In the large room of the stables is set up the tasting counter, where you can taste sparkling wines accompanied by genuine products, matched by expert sommelier. The event is animated with aperitifs and sabrage, capunsei courses, guided tours of the palace and towers, conferences, art shows, exhibitions of truffles, stories of past times and a space entirely dedicated to children.


Choosing to participate to this event means choosing quality, genuine, Italian and convenient products and spending some time feeling well.

The event, with free admission, always takes place indoors.


All information on www.avoltaperstarbene.it

For further info and reservations write to info@voltamn.it or call 0376-839431.

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