Day of the Dead Ancient Feast

Day of the Dead Ancient Feast

Period: October, November
Type: Festivals and fairs, Rites and traditions

The celebration and the memory of our dead is not always solemn and serious, but, as it happens in Asola from 30 October to 2 November, it is celebrated with markets, festivals and events.


In Italy, this is quite an unusual combination. The spirit moving the people in Asola is to joyful remember their relatives. In addition to the sacred celebrations, held on 1 and 2 November, in the center of Asola takes place a large market full of local products and handicrafts. You can be driven through the crowded streets in wine tastings and among typical flavors of Mantua and spend a day that is usually a little “blue” a in a really different way.

During these days there are many cultural events such as art exhibitions at Palazzo Beffa, the Philatelic Numismatic conference and photographic exhibitions. There will also be concerts by the choir of St. Cecilia and public and private parties during the halloween night.
The origins of this bizarre festival seem to date back to 1192, when the Imperial Vicar, called “Ortobello”, would grant to Asola to keep a “supplies market” in the first days of November.

This is a unique festival which combines sacred and profane as no other event in the province of Mantua.

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