Cathedral of Saints Nazario and Celso

Cathedral of Saints Nazario and Celso

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This place expresses harmony of styles, art forms, and hands guided by faith for the pursuit of beauty. In 1530 it became a parish church and was rebuilt and expanded. In here St. Aloysius received the baptism in 1568 and his First Communion from the hands of St. Carlo Borromeo in 1580. Under the Prince Francesco, brother of St. Aloysius, the church became the Collegiata Insigne, “quasi episcopalis”. The current impressive church is the result of renovations designed by architect Carlo Bollani assisted by Gian Battista Groppi from Milan.
The renovation works lasted from 1760 to 1784. The finishings, however, lasted over time. Here in 1859 were received the wounded of the Battle of Solferino and here Henry Dunant had the idea of the International Red Cross. In this place, which houses the tomb of Marta Tana, mother of St. Aloysius, also prayed John Paul II during his visit in 1991.

This place is part of the Aloysian pilgrimage, itinerary of history, art and faith to discover St. Aloysius Gonzaga.
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The restoration of the organ of the Cathedral is one of the great works of protection and enhancement of cultural heritage that Cariplo Foundation is supporting through funding the Terre dell’Alto Mantovano project.

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